Smart Digital Farming, the orchestrator
of SmartAgriHubs in Flanders

SmartAgriHubs has been lauched in The Hague on November 6-7, 2018 for the internal partners and the official kick-off was in Prague on March 4-6, 2019.

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SmartAgriHubs connects the dots of agri-tech innovation to catalyse the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector. The project aims to realize this by fostering a self-sustaining agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success. To this end, a multi-stakeholder approach covering a wide value-chain of DIHs, CCs, FIEs and other agri-food stakeholders across all EU member states is deployed. SmartAgriHubs will leverage, strengthen and connect local DIHs, and 20.000 Competence Centres (CCs) throughout Europe. SmartAgriHubs has already put together a large network of 140 DIHs by building on its existing projects and ecosystems such as Internet of Food and Farm (IoF2020).

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Digital Innovation Hub services of the future

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SmartAgriHubs organisation

Overall project management: George Beers (WUR) and Grigoris Chatzikostas (Biosense)

For the North-West Europe Regional Cluster (BeNeLux & Germany) co-coordinator: Jürgen Vangeyte, scientific director at ILVO Agrofood Technics in Flanders. His direct collaborators are Anneleen De Visscher and Diederik Van Damme. For Belgium, 8 Digital Innovation Hubs have been registered and 4 Flagship Innovation Experiments are nominated. For Flanders, Smart Digital Farming is directly involved in the SmartAgriHubs project as a DIH.
Peter Rakers, network manager of Smart Digital Farming is collaborator in WP3 (Flagship Innovation Experiments)

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Linked to the High Tech Farming initiative on the Agri-Food S3 Smart Specialisation Platform and the Horizon2020 project SmartAgriHubs, Smart Digital Faming is registered as a Flemish [BE2] Digital Innovation Hub for agriculture. LINK


What is Smart Digital Farming - SDF for flanders today?

SDF is an initiative of companies active in innovative precision farming -and livestock breeding with as main objectives:
1) Deploy economic potential and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises active in Flanders via collaboration initiatives in the agrifood sector.
2) Contribute with solutions to the societal/agricultural challenges with a direct economical added value for Flemish SMEs.
3) Stimulate open innovation, capacity building, and international opportunities within the Industry 4.0 ecosystem.
4) Evolve into a Digital Innovation Hub in SmartAgriHubs.

We host a cluster of dedicated enterprises

Precision farming needs smartness on top in order to cope with today's technological challenges. We are a group of enterprises dedicated to introduce the 4th industrial revolution in agriculture. We call it AgriFood 4.0. We aim to apply agri-smartness from farm to fork, strive for innovation and share data from farmer to consumer via:

  • Scouting, brokerage, awareness creation, dissemination, ecosystem building

  • Market intelligence, market assessments, roadmapping

  • Workshops, seminars to share knowledge and experience

  • Identification of opportunities, creating consortia, development of proposals

  • Representing interests during meetings & conferences, organizing local events


Find out more about our organisation, mission, our methods and our decades of experience in precision farming -and livestock breeding.

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