2018, the year of data in agriculture in Flanders


SDF is an initiative of companies active in innovative precision farming -and livestock breeding with as main objectives:
1) Deploy economic potential and enhance the competitiveness of Flemish enterprises via active and sustainable collaboration in the agri-food sector.
2) Contribute with solutions to the societal/agricultural challenges with a direct economical added value for Flemish enterprises.
3) Stimulate open innovation, market -and product innovation, and international exposure of the SDF initiative.

The Flemish Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Farming, Joke Schauvliege supports SDF in our search for innovation and nominated 2018 as 'the year of data' in order to emphasize on the importance of data-driven decision making in precision farming.

Mapping the opportunities and bottlenecks of development and implementation of smart-data systems in practice is useful – also for policy regarding ownership of original data and data-sharing. In the context of legislation around privacy and personal data, which will come into effect in 2018. It’s likely that the smart-farming developments will also need to be harmonized with Flemish policy on industry 4.0.

We host a cluster of dedicated enterprises


Very soon, our world will not big enough anymore to feed all mouths in a sustainable way. Agri-food needs more than just precision alone ... it needs smartness on top in order to contribute to one of the major challenges of planet Earth in the upcoming decades.

The call to integrate intelligence with precision farming is louder than ever!

Smart Digital Farming gathers expertise in the Flanders region of Belgium in order to answer to that call. We are a group of enterprises dedicated to the cause of applied agri-smartness from farm to fork, striving for innovation and data sharing from farmer to consumer. We call it AgriFood 4.0.

We are an S3 Digital Innovation Hub


Linked to the High Tech Farming initiative on the Agri-Food Smart Specialisation Platform, we are registered as a Flemish [BE2] Digital Innovation Hub for agriculture. LINK

SDF is also a partner in the SmartAgriHubs proposal of WUR Wageningen.

 Source: TNO Netherlands, presentation on DIHs

Source: TNO Netherlands, presentation on DIHs


Find out more about our organisation, mission, our methods and our decades of experience in precision farming -and livestock breeding.

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