Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA)


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In December 2012, the ERA-NET ICT AGRI 1 published a Strategic Research Agenda concerning the global challenges in agriculture, with proposals for addressing those challenges, and a discussion of how ICT and robotics could contribute to their resolution or mitigation. The conclusion of this report defined the focus of calls for transnational European research projects in ICT and agriculture, both within the ICT-AGRI ERA-NET, as well as influencing other funders.

In the 6 years since then, the use of new technologies in agriculture has grown immensely in significance and there is widespread expectation that we are on the cusp of a “digital revolution” in the agri-food sector, which is expected to revolutionise the primary sector, dissolve the boundaries between the agriculture and food systems, create new markets for data etc. And for many of these new technologies and markets  this will also require new global policies to be created.

For this reason, we wrote a new SRIA, which aimed to review the main current and future challenges for sustainable agriculture as well as the key goals. In addition, we describe the state of the ICT and robotics art and trends as well as the current and future challenges of ICT and robotics adoption in agri-food systems. Here you can find the intermediate version of this SRIA. Following a participative process, this version is under process to be updated after confrontation with international experts.