ICT-AGRI 2017 call - deadline is approaching !

ICT-AGRI Call 2017 - Farm Management Systems for Precision Farming - is open

The overall objective of the ICT-AGRI Call 2017 is to contribute to the development of an eco-efficient, resource-efficient and competitive agriculture through an enhanced and improved use of ICT and robotics.  Precision Farming involves a number of digital technologies, including the Internet of Things and automated agricultural machinery, and is recognised having significant potential for the sustainable intensification of primary food production.
Farm Management Systems (FMS) are (in accordance with the ICT-AGRI Strategic Research Agenda of December 2012) considered to be ICT platforms for farmers, meaning that an FMS enables the integration of software and data so as to be readily and easily available for the farmer. The recent and possibly disruptive trend, which has emerged over the last few years, is that software and data are managed as services on the Internet. While there is a growing collection of agricultural applications available, most such applications are stand alone apps and not integrated into an FMS. The challenges are both to develop such properly integrated applications and to ensure sufficiently high quality. In addition to developing suitable technical solutions, we need propose corresponding business models for using such services on the Internet specifically for the agricultural context.

The topics of the call are

  1. gricultural research on use of sensor data for decision support
  2. Development of applications for Precision Farming
  3. Cases of integration of third-party applications with Farm Management Systems

At least three countries or regions must be represented in the proposal consortium, except for proposals addressing predominantly topic 3 which may have only two countries or regions represented.

The ICT-AGRI Call 2017 is open for submission of proposals until 21st April 2017.