The thematic partners FLANDERS' FOOD, EUKA, IMEC and VCBT are non-SDF members which are closely engaged in SDF related business cases and/or projects in order to find 'common ground' innovation interests.

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Flanders' food

Flanders’ FOOD is a unique, strategy-driven platform for the facilitation of innovation, thereby contributing to a more competitive, innovative and sustainable agrifood industry.



Flanders’ FOOD levers the innovation capacity of the agrifood companies by enhancing their scientific and technological knowledge by means of an integrated approach of knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and partner matching. This way Flanders’ FOOD also contributes to the economic and social development of the Flanders region. More info at



Smart Digital Farming will collaborate closely with EUKA, the IBN of the drone industry. Together, we will develop a 'vertical' business model for drone technology in agriculture where suppliers and customers share knowledge about the challenges in precision farming -and livestock breeding. Both IBN's will also work together for potential projects and events.


Through this drone community, EUKA will focus on experience sharing and co-creation of innovative business ideas. More info at




Imec performs world-leading research in nano-electronics and creates groundbreaking innovation in application domains such as healthcare, smart cities and mobility, logistics and manufacturing, and energy. The combination of our widely acclaimed leadership in microchip technology and profound software and ICT expertise is what makes imec unique.

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PCfruit npo was started in 1997 as a coordinating structure of three former research institutes and demonstration gardens, all specialised in fruit growing and located in the heart of the fruit growing area of Belgium. The success of pcfruit is due to the combination of applied scientific research, demonstration activities to growers and services for industry and fruit growers at one central location with suitable infrastructure like labs, greenhouses, storage facilities, plastic tunnels, shelters and warehouses and orchards. In PCfruit new and existing technologies, techniques and varieties are permanently evaluated and judged on their added value to fruit growing.  Finally, the individual fruit growers are assisted in the introduction of new technologies and sustainable production methods.

More info on the PCFruit website


Flanders Centre of Postharvest Technology

The quality of fruit and vegetables is essential to the Belgian horticultural sector. It is therefore important to produce, store and commercialise these products in ideal conditions.

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The non-profit organisation Flanders Centre of Postharvest Technology (VCBT) has been established in 1997 as a collaborative project between the Association of Belgian Fruit and Vegetable Auctions and the Catholic University of Leuven. Its mission is to provide technological advise and extension related to storage technology and quality of fruit and vegetables to producers and co-operatives. Since 2004 the VCBT is officially recognised as experimental station.

To support these activities, the VCBT carries out both practically oriented as well as fundamental research related to these themes. The VCBT has a unique refrigeration infrastructure for controlled atmosphere storage research and a large laboratory with advanced measurement techniques for all quality attributes of fruit and vegetables.